Il limone

Polaroid / 2019

by Eleonora Ambrosini
“Il limone sull’acceleratore” is the synthesis of an unreal chronicle. The impatience towards the pressing actuality and the tendency to the maximum speed, flows in an attitude of resistance.

Slowness becomes a positive value. Marta Braggio looks for possible alternatives and traces a photographic run, formulating hypothetical sceneries.

Objects of stress and daily routine are in danger in front of the raid of lemons. The citrus fruit, the protagonist, becomes element of obstacle for the eye, an obstacle in which the mind has to find new and original ways to live.
The presence of the fruit, vehicle of slowness, produces absurd compositions; unexpected relationships, at times difficult and violent cohabitations that Braggio tries to resolve ideally
tightening the subjects inside the shot.
The neutral  funds invite to focus on the unusual relationships in the pictures; surreal bonds that reveal the function of element of trouble of the citrus fruit.

The lemon, an estranging evidence that brings to reconsider our contemporary being.
The images investigate the formalities with which the impulse to the speed and the slowness can live together  in the actuality, revealing solutions that draw near Sjöberg and its entomologist. Fragments of a personal search, questions: What would it happen if a lemon fell on the accelerator? The enigma offers to everyone the possibility to participate in the game.